The Camera Takes 12 AA batteries, Standard sim card and a Standard memory card ( not included)

The Spartan GoCam 4G features:

  1. Wireless Cellular transmission of images and videos to phone & email.
  2. The ability to receive commands and change settings via SMS from anywhere in the world!
  3. Black Flash Night Illumination. This means the flash used by the camera to take pictures at night, is completely invisible to the human eye.
  4. Image Resolution 3MP, 5MP, 8MP
  5. Trigger Options: Motion (PIR), Timer (Time Lapse), Scheduled
  6. Trigger Time: 0.6s
  7. Display Screen 2.0” LCD
  8. Detection & Flash Range: 26m

Perfect for security without needing to worry about getting power or an internet cable to the camera ! This also means you can move the camera to different locations on your property to areas where thieves don’t expect it to be.
When used for hunting or game management, the Spartan GoCam is truly in its native environment. Born and bred to meet the needs of hunters everywhere, the Spartan GoCam is fully self contained needing only a useable cellular signal to function as intended. The Spartan GoCam allows for the monitoring of the quality of game as well as their patterns without contaminating the area with scent.